Frequently Asked Questions

 What makes Aspen Creek different from all the other companies?

We listen to you, sincerely. You'll feel it within fifteen minutes of our initial meeting. We don't give you a high pressure sales talk. We care for the environment by using green practices, water conservation and sustainability principles from start to finish—we want to leave the Earth a better place for our children and grandchildren. We excel in residential design—a landscape is only as good as its design. We are family owned and operated; we give back to our communities. We believe in honesty, integrity and solid work ethics. We don't try to sell you expensive, high maintenance items you don't need. We don't bad-mouth our competition. We are happy to create your landscape in phases, according to your budget. We treat your home like it was our own. 

 Why should I have Aspen Creek do the work?

We have specialized in giving fair, competitive bids with superior craftsmanship for twenty-five years. It is always a good idea to have the designer of your landscape meticulously supervise construction to ensure that details are maintained. This is especially true concerning hardscapes, final grading elevations, water features, outdoor kitchens and planting locations. You will gain the benefit of our experience and expertise to ensure the final landscape realizes the vision of the designer. We can also accompany you to the nursery so you can see your plant material before it is installed and tag your trees if desired. We also meet clients at vendor locations so you can see, feel and select the materials to be used in your construction phase BEFORE it begins (pavers, boulders, flagstone, decorative block, veneer, etc.).

 Why is being green a big deal?

First off, it saves you money! Choosing green principles for your grass and sprinkler installation will save you thousands of dollars in the future on your water bills. MPR nozzles can save you 30% off your grass irrigation costs, proper soil preparation will make your grass more drought resistant (especially in the summer when we have little rain support) and the choice of your turfgrass blend can potentially save you another 25%. Green design principles will give you a beautiful grass area if you prefer, but keep turfgrass areas to a minimum and instead design beautiful, colorful planting areas that are low maintenance, low water use with proper drip irrigation and provide interest through all four seasons. That means less maintenance for you and more time to relax with your family and friends than working on the lawn. Lastly, its the right thing to do for our planet!

 How much should I expect to pay for a landscape?

Properly designed landscapes increase the value of your home expotentially. They are one of the best ROI (Return On Investment) additions you can do. Most landscape architects will suggest a minimum of 5% of the value of your home for your landscape costs. If the builder provides the front yard, at least 3% should be spent on your backyard landscape. For the optimum functionality, curb appeal and ROI, a 7 - 10% figure is suggested.

 What are the primary components of a xeriscape?

Some people think that eliminating grass areas and installing rock and a few shrubs is a xeriscape. Unfortunately, this will make your landscape look like a rock quarry. There are five primary components of a xeriscape: elevation changes with berm and walls, boulders installed into the berms in a natural way, lots of colorful plant material, breaking up the rock with cobblestone swales and mulch around the plants and an LED light system to accent your xeriscape at night.

 What are the health benefits of landscaping?

Less stress! Come home to a beautiful, inviting house and go through it to relax in your backyard nature sanctuary. Plants are therapy: meditation or healing gardens can be a source of refuge, which will increase mental and physical health. Grow food: planting your own herbs, vegetables and fruits can reduce food and energy costs and make a landscape more productive. Less pollution: plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide oxygen; plants and soils are one of nature's best filters and cleaners; a healthy, well maintained landscape will outcompete most weeds, have fewer insect problems and resist diseases.

 Do we need to supply any survey plans of the property?

We always ask for a copy of the plot plan that gives us survey and legal details regarding your home and property. You can usually find this with your closing documents or it will be on file with your sales associate. The plot plan includes the dimensions and orientation of your home and lot, the location of your main drainage swales and the dimensions of the concrete area of your home (driveways, patios, etc.). We always check the accuracy of the plot plan within the scope of the site's legal markings and conditions.