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Ignite Your Senses
Imagine...the sound of trickling water, the crackle of a fire, the smell of food on the cooktop, the fragrance of a new flower, the feel of native stone, colorful plants that excite the eyes, the moonlit glow of a serene evening.

Tranquility & Health
Create a magical sanctuary to help soothe away the stress and fatigue of your busy life. Relax with your family and friends. Take pride that your space has become the desired lifestyle for your neighbors.

Green Sustainability
Rest easy you are preserving the environment for your children by contracting with one of Colorado's leaders in conservation and water-efficient landscaping. 

See a Landscape Master Plan at the bottom of Our Company page and the completed landscape here.


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Landscape Services:


The most important thing you can do regarding your “exterior living space” is to have it professionally designed. No matter how good the workmanship, poor design components can dampen your home’s beauty. We will take your ideas, add our own and create the perfect environment surrounding your home! Why spend thousands of dollars on landscape construction based on a poor design?


Pavers, Flagstone & Stamped Concrete

No other element is as important to the extension of your living space as a beautiful patio. A patio should fit the overall style of your landscape and be aesthetically pleasing. We install decorative pavers, red and buff flagstone patios & regular, colored, textured and stamped concrete patios. These patios are cost efficient, low maintenance and provide the basic “hardscape area” of your entire design.


Pergolas, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Fireplaces, Decks & Fences

We design and install pergolas, complete outdoor kitchens, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, composite decks and all types of fences to complement your landscape. We schedule appropriately so that all of the elements are installed in the proper order. We also specialize in adding elements for future phases so that gas/electrical lines and caissons can be added to the initial install.


Water Features

There is nothing like the cool, soothing sounds of water to relax you and provide a pleasing, natural background for your eyes. We install our water features using statuary elements or natural mountainscape waterfalls with select moss boulders, state-of-the art recycling pumps, filters and water treatment systems. We can design lights, aquatic plants, fish, perennials and winter heating systems. Custom design your water feature to include multiple waterfalls, meandering streams and ponds!


LED Lighting Systems

State of the art LED lighting systems illuminate your landscape and provide functionality in lighting your hardscapes and pathways. Safety: low voltage lighting means your children and pets are safe from any shock hazards. Security: lighting your yard at night is a deterrent for unwanted intruders. LED lights are not hot to the touch like incandescent bulbs and provide a richer spectrum of color. LED lights are more energy efficient (up to 85%!) and mean you may never have to change a bulb again!


Retaining Walls

We design both natural rock and decorative block walls that bring beauty and stability to your landscape. Flagstone, moss rock and granite walls lend a natural feel to your design while decorative block can add the stability and durability that are needed. Retaining walls and steps determine the 3-dimensional “final grade” of your landscape and should solve slope problems in the most aesthetic way possible. These can be crucial to your final design.


Irrigation Systems 

Colorado’s climate is an ever-changing ecosystem dependent on one thing: WATER. No matter what the weather, we make sure your grass and plant material are watered correctly. We recommend Rainbird and Hunter irrigation systems and design each system to your home's exact standards. We consider soil structure, home direction, plant material needs, psi and gallons per minute flow to install the most water efficient system available. We can also add "smart" technology using weather and soil moisture data to save you even more money!


Plant Material & Soil Preparation

The very essence of your landscape is quality trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. We design them so that they are in the proper location for light & water requirements and spaced correctly. We can accompany you to the nursery to view your plants before installation and tag your trees. Proper soil preparation is crucial to the life of your grass and plants and we incorporate a thick, rich base of aged compost for all your plant material.

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